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Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. It builds algorithms that allow computers to learn how to perform tasks from data instead of requiring a programmer to write code for those tasks. Machine Learning does this by generalizing from examples and is a more cost-effective and faster approach when Big Data is involved.

Our machine learning experts help you understand Big Data and predictive analysis in a business language. This is what makes our data scientists not just good, but great – their ability to communicate with business decision makers and enable them to draw important business conclusions.

Machine Learning is being applied to help robots become smarter at avoiding obstacles and completing tasks. A popular technique for achieving this is Reinforcement Learning, where the robot learns to perform a task by learning from the reinforcement it receives. It can be negative if it hits the wall and positive if it gets to the goal.

We also help companies setup their systems to use Google’s machine learning algorithms which analyze data and predicts future outcomes. The service works with Google BigQuery or can pull in datasets from Google cloud storage.
Our preferred solution for Machine Learning, Azure fits perfectly with enterprises already in the Microsoft ecosystem. Its cloud-based predictive analytics means that companies can deploy it in minutes