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Organisations, must innovate to remain relevant, in the face of changing demands and opportunities. To be innovative you need a platform that converges database, data processing and application platforms with predictive and business analytics. As a single unit to discover, operationalise and then standardise your new & innovative business model, thus change the game with HANA platform – since it’s more than just a database.

The adoption of the SAP HANA PaaS, by organisations, to manage an array of enterprise applications. Maybe perceived by enterprise buyers, to be fraught with, financial, non-financial, and technological risks. Associated with the, integration of SAP HANA with legacy systems, the lack of in-house skills, to support the implementation of the HANA platform, exorbitant opaque, total cost of ownership (TOC), subpar end user benefits and potentially negligible ROI.

As an award winning Gold SAP Partner, we provide a hands-on approach, with two live SAP HANA servers in our Delhi office available for pilot and for an array of scenarios. Our team consists of professionals trained and certified, having attended various SAP workshops and trainings on the latest SAP HANA products. Our 346 consultants carry extensive up-to-date knowledge of the industry and have significant experience. With an active involvement in SCN portals for knowledge exchange, they leverage the strength of the wizard SAP alliance and will deliver the solution to solve any business challenge.

We understand the needed intuitive tools that will allow you to integrate data into day-to-day processes and translate modeling outputs into tangible business actions, to manage your supply chain decisions, fine-grained cross-selling suggestions for call-center agents, or a way for marketing managers to make real-time decisions on discounts.