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Contract Placement

As a mid-sized company, Wizard Tech Solutions has the ability to drill down and specifically identify what each clients’ unique business needs are. WTS has the capacity to source, screen and retain top technical resources by leveraging our experienced recruiting and staffing team through our proven methodologies. Our expertise allows clients to concentrate on their core business, enabling them to staff critical projects efficiently while saving significant time on the hiring process and administrative duties.

Recruiting Distinctions

At WTS, we invest the time at the front end of the engagement process to truly understand what each client is looking for in a top notch candidate. We understand that hiring a technical consultant is more than a job description. It is finding the right person for your position with the technical knowledge, communication skills, and fit in the corporate culture.WTS is a referral driven organization with over 75% of our placements generated from our industry relationships. With over 50,000 networked resumes in our proprietary database, WTS is able to go beyond the typical job board search to find that perfect candidate for your specific requirements.Before any candidate is submitted, our detail-oriented recruiters rigorously screen the potential consultant for technical knowledge, real-time experience, and interpersonal and communication skills. Along with this initial interview process, our recruiters work to obtain stellar references before a candidate even hits your email or system. Once a candidate passes this meticulous process, WTS assists with any required background investigations, education verifications, and drug screenings, as well as assisting with any applicable licensing regulations.Post placement relationship is key to our ongoing mutual success. WTS is fully committed to staying in contact with both the client and consultant. Each contractor has a designated WTS account executive that is their point of contact throughout their engagement with your company. We thrive at being active partners in consultant retention, including conducting new hire orientations, resolving any performance issues, providing performance reviews, assessing end of contract terms, and remaining proactive to your ever-changing workforce requirements.