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Wizard Staffing Solutions team provides numerous inventive ways to help you manage your ever-changing headcount, watch your bottom line and focus on your company’s goals. Each of our staffing services is designed to free your time, improve your output and enhance revenue.

The pace of change in the technology landscape makes it nearly impossible for any CIO or IT manager to maintain an always up-to-date and full capacity staff. Furthermore, IT organisations today must be agile and responsive to be able to achieve their core mission: supporting businesses! With time, the need to expand IT staff to allow it to bring a project to its completion or to manage a temporary lack of resources becomes quite evident.

Before you even know it, you might be looking in the market for temporary IT staff or for extended technical expertise. The aim of our Managed Staffing services is to help you fill the gaps of your IT sourcing whenever the need arises and in any suitable form: per project, as a service, for long-term or short-term periods.
It is not only about experience and expertise; it is also about cultural fit. We provide you with the best suited candidate.
Beyond expertise and experience, we select professionals based on their flexibility and interpersonal skills before recommending them to our customers.